School Mission

Mission of Private Associated School, Starozagorská 8, Košice (hereinafter “SSŠ”) is to raise responsible life-long learners in mutual cooperation with parents of our students and local community.

The main aim is to prepare them for a successful life in permanently changing, culturally various and global society. The education is focused on the development of knowledge, abilities and skills and on preparation for life in the scope of moral attitudes, ideals, thinking concepts and high-quality value system.

With this purpose the school cooperates with other international organizations and educates not only students but also supports the education of their teachers.

We are committed to developing our school’s educational programme by applying international principles in order to provide our students with the opportunity of shaping their future through a purpose-built learning environment.

SSŠ provides education that applies the most up-to-date learning trends aimed at complex development of personality and thinking. Innovative education encourages our students to respect each other, communicate with each other, create the basis of a joint community, open themselves to the multicultural society and protect the environment.

School Vision

SSŠ reacts upon the needs of students, their parents and society. The school provides each student with the opportunities and conditions for meaningful creative activity and active learning in primary and lower secondary education and for the interested persons also in secondary education in an eight-year form of study at the Grammar School. The school is and shall be an open community of students, teachers, parents and broader community of the city and the region. It combines high-quality and effective educational process with out-of-school activities for the benefit of individual students focusing on their versatility and successful future life. Our educational process is based on humanistic approach, creative thinking and mutual respect.

The vision of our school stems from the principle of broad coexistence and active cooperation of all interested partners, groups, communities and institutions across the cultural spectrum of our city and region. The purpose of such relations is to offer students high-quality education so that each student can develop basic competences, knowledge and attitudes necessary for their further education and life.

Our ambition is to continue in the development of a modern, human and creative school that provides excellent conditions for education and upbringing and thus prepares each child for the competitive labour market and life in our complex world.

Our students leave the school not only wise and educated but also as free, independent, creative, active, reliable, tolerant and polite young people ready for life and work in the 21st century in European society.